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Index :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

Index :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious


    Welcome on site, dedicated to to phenomenas, unexplained by science.
    Paranormal phenomenas always was with us. All more scientist begin to understand that they have a no right to ignore the multiplying certificate of existence paranormal phenomenon. But will help deal laboratory studies? The Adductions as before sneak out of explanations. Reinkarnaciya remains the secret. We do not know that occurs, when soul abandons the body. Even existence parapsychic abilities - a telepathies and clairvoyances - is not recognized traditional science.
    But we have understood only that questions, which rise in connection with mysterious and unholy, complex and have not while answers.
    All your offers and remarks leave in guestbook or write on e-mail.
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    The Dear readers! The Administration is pleased to see You on pages of the site. For 2 year of break portal completely to be subjected to change: appeared the full-fledged slider, new system to navigations and a great deal another. The New material, photographies - all this already possible find on put! We Hope that You like!


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    The site renews its work after break!

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    Visions and perfume in age of the reason Time of the witches, daemon and ghosts Great riddles of the muddle ages
    Amazing histories to antiquities Unsolved science secrets New numberlogic
    Glamour of the world of the miracles Predictions of the catastrophes Secrets of the universe
    Secrets of the civilizations
    In the middle ages, those who were engaged in magic, alchemy and occultism, used a cipher and different symbols to keep their secrets from prying eyes. The picture of the XVIII century the symbols of the Sun, moon, and planets United together, which represented the integrity of all


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