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Secrets of the universe :: Portal of mysterious

Secrets of the universe :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    (Great encyclopedia). The universe, the entire existing material world, unlimited in time and space, and infinitely diverse in the forms that matter takes in the process of its development. The universe studied by astronomy is a part of the material world, which is available for research by astronomical means corresponding to the achieved level of development of science (sometimes this part of the Universe is called Metagalaxy).
    Are there other galaxies? We could not find out just yesterday, but today we see dozens of them. Technological boom, the development of electronics are constantly making changes, and corrects our worldview, helping to fill the gaps and voids literally every day. And many yesterday's postulates, as well as seemingly fair theories still crumble under the onslaught of new ideas. It should be!
    From the position of instrumental observations - our knowledge has already accumulated a lot! But the uncertainty in the positions is still far. Consider an example: there has Long been a theory about the expanding Universe! Confirmation of this was discovered in 1929 by Hubble - he discovered the red shift of the spectrum. It was also found that the speed of expansion of galaxies increases with distance! Hubble's law of expansion indicates that about (13 to 10 to 9 degrees) years ago, the matter of matter in the Universe was in very high densities. Was the original Explosion, the Beginning! - after which we until this day, continue to observe the expansion of matter in space. The hypothesis of the expansion of the Universe on the observations of many scientists is undergoing another change, as well as the previously established fact of the time of its formation. Yeah, apparently it is. If we take into account that Time is not constant, then all the calculations about the Beginning of the Universe formation and even the distance between galaxies and stars will be quite different! Is it?! And established experimental fact Hubble "red shift" of radiation from galaxies has received, I believe erroneous interpretation by theoretical works of Einstein. As a result of the lack of knowledge about the internal structure of atomic nuclei, the Doppler effect, which is valid for sound, could not be applied to a moving light source, and primarily because the frequency range the corridor between these values - is an abyss, it is like the opposite sides of the same coin. We do not see the red shift in many stars precisely because their movements are not only to us and from us, but also longitudinally, that is, the result for the vast majority of stars, it turns out that - the removal with the movement in any direction. As I recall from astronomical data , this is a method of comparison with artificially created refraction of light into components. Star beams are refracted through a prism and compared to an artificially created spectrum. If the star is approaching us or is removed it is immediately visible on the spectrum. The same method for determining the composition of stars, only compare the smallest network in a certain spectral part. But in this case, why there is an effect associated with the red shift, which gives an idea that the beginning of the formation of the Universe came from our Solar system. Apparently, this is the result of the paradox of time and apparently - each separate material system will have it.the Interstellar medium is mainly vacuum or discharged gas formations, where the temperature is kept mostly at minus 273 degrees Celsius. I do not want to say that all the space of the Universe is represented by this category of evaluation, because the infinite processes with energy and fields, exploding from orbits with hot plasma, form other zones of space. But still most of the space allocated to timelessness where low temperature removes the value of random motion of particles (according to new, current concepts are possible and such areas where the movement of time is absent).
    However, looking ahead, I can only add that the desired relations are so poorly studied in the space of low temperatures (in vacuum) that we will return to them when we come close to the behavior of matter under ultrahigh energy effects on it.
    In geometry the dimension of space is determined by the number of mutually perpendicular lines that can be drawn from a single point. According to Euclid, only three such lines can be drawn, which corresponds to three-dimensional space. To form the fourth dimension it is necessary to construct the fourth perpendicular from the same point. How to do this? According to our ideas, such a projection is simply impossible, every student knows about it!
    the Problem of space expansion is still a pressing one, and as I understand it, inexplicable even from the standpoint of modern Einstein's theory of relativity. And Einstein's universe is just a three-dimensional sphere, in which the factor of time constant in its motion is added, which is closed and finite in space, but infinite in time. However, this stationarity came into conflict with the theory of relativity. To eliminate this contradiction, Einstein introduced a new term into the equations of the theory, with the help of which new forces were introduced into the Universe and they can be represented as the forces of attraction and repulsion. But apparently all this is a General idea about the dimension of space is also wrong. The theoretical concepts of space and magnetism created by Maxwell and Einstein, as well as the formulas created by them, are in fact derived from one mathematical apparatus of geometry of the so-called tensor calculus used in the theory of elasticity. And since then, scientists have been trying to catch gravitational waves, but alas.
    the Invention of hypotheses began to pick up pace from the beginning of the century. And it was then among scientists there was a noticeable shift in this direction, but only a shift no more. Thinkers, philosophers still remained at the roadside are not wanted, not demanded. It was easy to convince, to extol new theories, and at the same time to build mathematical abstractions only in the sphere of physical science and because the public succumbed to all these newfangled currents. And for almost a hundred years we have been moving on the wrong path precisely because human morality and logic were compacted into formulas that have long been no longer needed by anyone except the physicists themselves. Einstein introduced a priority a theory that distorted the physical essence of the true picture of the world. The euphoria has passed, but the trends of that time so influenced the style of thinking that still many are trying to move in the same direction.
    But let's try to imagine the same initial situation when the substance in the Universe was at the stage of a superdense clot. It what? was it out of space, without energy? No! The nuclear, superdense matter was the balance that slowly but inexorably were broken and were approaching the point where it happened!br>According to scientists, under the pressure of a normal star it turns into a neutron star, and the period of its rotation abruptly increases and reaches to 0.001 sec., and the magnetic field can be trillions of times stronger than Earth's magnetic field.
    it is Possible that everything happened in the same way as when turning an ordinary star into such a neutron star. The energy of space and time once, came into conflict with the primary substance of the Universe. How long did this confrontation last? I can not judge. However, the energy received from space was converted into an even more powerful torque, and as a result of this, the magnetic field of the substance grew incredibly. Due to the centrifugal force of matter flattened at the poles, and then could not stand, and there was a gap and the spread of matter around the perimeter. So let's not speculate further - to prove logically, anything more specific is not possible.
    Although recently, has passed information astronomers on TV adds to the original data, here is what the concept of: burnt out stars, exhausted its resource collapse, and lighter elements, before making their structure (for example, hydrogen) are compacted so that the elements are formed (heavier), known to us in the form of metals and their compounds. But such an action, even by space standards, is quite rare. And only 30 years of observations of astronomers have allowed to reveal such evolution of stars with the help of their continuous observation. I think that the matter of a star burns out only partially and not significantly not from within, and outside besides. When a certain critical value is violated not one-size - matter and other there is an instant transformation. Why? It is because the violation in the proportions between matter, energy and fields leads to a violation of dimensionality in such a sphere of space. And time reacts to the change (in this case with a decrease in the mass of matter) the easiest, to the rise of the component (released from the medium of space) energy! This accelerates the process of changing the existing proportions not only between these three values, but also in the molecular structures of matter itself, and time itself. Magnetic fields of all stars and galaxies, connected by the structure of matter and now continue to constantly interact with each other and with the energy of space. These fields make faults and holes in the overall structure, and the energy of the spaces<Oh, trying to correct these inconsistencies - is constantly in contact with the magnetic fields of stars, involuntarily giving part of their energy, thereby maintaining not only their resource, but also all their further transformations. And the course of time in such systems must clearly differ from the value defined for our Solar system. It seems to me that the hot stars are still due to the constant interaction with the energy of space.

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