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    (Great encyclopedia). TIME (measurement system) time Measurement is based on the observation or implementation of periodically repeating processes of the same duration: for example, to measure large intervals of Time used year. The daily rotation of the Earth relative to the stars determines stellar time. In practice, use solar time. The time defined for a given value is called local time. Ms. local solar Time of the Greenwich Meridian is called universal time (world). For practical convenience, most countries have adopted a time zone system. The uniform time ephemeroid counting system is controlled by observations of the moon's rotation around the Earth. Time (philosophical), the form of successive changes of phenomena and the duration of the States of matter.
    Each of us, at least once in my life there was a question in my head about time and its essence. But to what to think, seek the answer is unknown where, when already there is official explanation. Therefore, all are satisfied with the presence of time and its consistent action in our world. But as I have already said, there was still a loophole for analysis and comparison, and I took advantage of it, namely: I found certain statements of famous ancient thinkers and of course immediately found significant differences, both in the evaluation of time and in a different understanding of its essence. And although such a simple question in form, What is the Time is not easy to give a brief correct answer, it still has long existed in the long past! Therefore, it only remains for me to list some of the most interesting arguments about the time. And so that you can more easily determine these judgments, I will begin, perhaps, with those statements that we adhere to so far: Newton (1643-1727) in the work Mathematical principles of natural philosophy from the standpoint of the greatest practical acceptability, it was proposed to the flow of absolute time to take the role of unchanging substance.
    Kant took the same position of absolutism with regard to time: All phenomena can disappear, while time itself cannot be destroyed.
    Weininger (1880-1903): Space is qualitatively uniform everywhere, it changes in time the movement that as the plurality of points of space time.
    Mach (1838-1916) called space and time a well-ordered system of sensations.
    But in a different way talked about the time of Aristotle: Time is unthinkable, there is no movement, it is not the movement itself.
    Modern position: the Flow of time is only a kind of reference system for fixing changes in the world, and therefore divided into segments of different duration as convenient to us, while denying the existence of a natural reference process, and his choice fully applies to considerations convenience and predictability, framed in the form of arrangements between researchers.
    And it is obvious that with any arrangements it is impossible to move to the truth. For today's materialistic philosophers the problem of "space-time" is solved very simply. "Time is an objective reality given to us in sensations. And in the world there is nothing but moving matter, and this moving matter can not move except in space and time." But what is matter, how did it come about, and why does it move? The answer of the materialists is this: matter exists eternally, and its movement is its inherent property. And this is considered a scientific explanation!? Similarly, it is possible to present a tornado as an integral property of hot humid air and then this phenomenon is not studied.
    Yes the flow of time exists, but it is interpreted by contemporaries clearly incorrectly. There will always be insufficient definitions of time and precisely because it concerns everything, and to a greater extent the global processes taking place in the Universe. The most interesting and more correct, in my opinion, ideas about time were given by Socrates, Seneca and Diogenes. They thought in their own way, to the extent of their wisdom and the historical period in which they were. I will not list their statements (if they are interesting to you, then you will find them yourself) but believe me, the answers were concise, smart and the value for time each of them defined correctly. The way time will certainly have been in connection with by the space (but this is not important) their time is not only abstracted from the reality of our being, (and therefore more worthy of attention) but certainly due to a concomitant attribute - cosmic energy. These earlier definitions of time make it possible to rephrase them in this way: TIME is the spatial essence of the Universe, constantly present everywhere and acting inevitably by the energy of space itself.
    the Formation of space-time representations, marked by the change of day and night, seasons, the position of the heavenly bodies, was recorded in memory and adapted to the natural environment. And then it forced our predecessors to organize and mark out more precisely this allegedly uniform course of time for all. But the existing ability to move, to a fairly uniform cyclicity, both in planetary and nuclear structures and all these artificial bindings, which are measured by years, months, days, and seconds can not be the essence of time. And they are just artificial standards, measures of duration to determine not exactly its time - measured course, but the side, repetitive processes associated with anything, but not with its very structure. Created in such a convenient way for us such measures (applicable to our world) caused me doubt in the postulate about the immutability of time. The action of time, of course, is related to the rotation of our planet and our Sun, and the distance to it, but not constant sunrises and sunsets determine the course of time it is still a consequence, not a cause.
    the Movement of stars, planets changes the pattern of magnetic interactions, and magnetic fields cause time not only to react to these movements by the energy of space, but also to change their properties. Therefore, it will still be necessary to create a single standard of time capable of determining its dimensionality in any part of space. And for this it is necessary to recognize the dependence of time (first of all) on magnetic fields, energy, the medium of space itself, temperature, the speed of rotation of stars and distances to them (but you never know what else, for example, the structure of matter and its ability to receive and retain on its surface the energy of space). Moreover, only the conditions of deep space are able to correctly Orient us in the right direction, that is, to create a standard of dimensionality of time is necessary, first of all, for an environment in which there are no magnetic fields or they are so weak that they can be neglected. And only later, creating a standard, albeit speculative, to determine how and by what magnitude the magnetic field and matter contribute to the change in the course of time in each particular world. The flow of time is a cosmic structure, and therefore the approach to it must be appropriate. Modern concepts identify time with the speed of the process of energy-information exchange, however, and this is only a negligible facet of the philosophical approach to this structure.
    We have rejected from ourselves the false concept of medieval astronomy, where the Earth is the center of the Universe, the center of the universe, but apparently not fully, if using earthly standards, they also manipulate in an infinite spatial environment. We prefer gravitational forces although there is a triune structure in the Universe that is initially more powerful. In my opinion, it is not quite appropriate to measure the distance between parsecs stars, is it correct? No! - you can not go to a strange monastery with its Charter. It is necessary to take into account the physical essence of space, and it can be so changed by magnetic manifestations that it clearly affects both time itself and the flows of light quanta (with the help of which we determine the distance to the object) and the energy itself, inherent in space (possibly since the formation of the Universe). Therefore, open your mind and agree not with me, but with those ancient, but smart heads: Time is not only the extent, as well as some inextricable, internal cosmic structure, which depends on the state of matter, energy and field, and can be modified, if there are prerequisites for that. The self-organizing dimension of space, in which Time is an internal program for action and is so powerful that all our ideas about it are clearly incomplete and erroneous. Perhaps many of our other terms of planetary origin are also erroneous, since they acquire a completely different meaning in space. By the way, if we could take into account and introduce into our formulas not only the gravitational value (dependent on body weight) but also the exact magnetic component of those distant systems, but it is clearly impossible to do it correctly enough. The complexity of the calculations, as well as the complexity of solving such a problem, is that the magnetic fields have a smooth, changeable transition structure, dependent and more powerful in dense clusters of star matter. And the innumerable fields formed by the interaction of the energy of space with the substance of stars overlap each other and thus create multilayer zones of space absolutely inaccessible for proper analysis. And these are not those free flows of electromagnetic waves, and various types of energies emitted by stars, but twisted regions of space closed to themselves and connected by the substance of the stars. Yes, we ourselves are in our curved space with its magnetic sphere, (albeit not very strong) - the state of which determines the movement of time in our world. The real understanding of the action of time, I believe, is yet to come! Time - should be considered only as local moments of the history of space itself, and not as a natural length of a certain scenario.

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