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Secrets of the universe :: Portal of mysterious

Secrets of the universe :: Portal of mysterious

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    Paradoxical there is a situation, the more people know, the harder it is to part with their beliefs. Ask yourself - who is able to analyze the knowledge you have learned, as well as to determine their value and boundaries? Test? hardly. Smart conversationalist? Perhaps, but only partially. But no one can understand you better than everyone can understand themselves. And we know less than we think! That's right! A person absorbs information into his mind all his life, but one day he realizes that even the science of knowledge does not add to him, but only orders and fills the voids - his ideas about the world in which he lives. Such white spots over the years, not getting smaller, rather the opposite - knowledge layered, not allowing you to focus and understand that they can be wrong. And that's because the basic Luggage of our knowledge derived from General piggy Bank, from which all draw the same thing - the experience of others. But the deeper the knowledge, the more difficult the path to achieving them, so they interfere even more to find a new approach or a different solution to the problem. The heavy foundations of other people's scientific works block the very possibility to think differently. Even the facts presented in the textbooks, the physical laws in the interpretation of scientists are not always the result of universal understanding and do not necessarily have to be true for everyone! Meanwhile, it is noticed that it is sometimes impossible to convince people who have passed a long distance of knowledge. Excessive confidence in themselves, in the infallibility of their beliefs, experience and knowledge - are put by such people above all, and it is these qualities that remove the element of doubt from every person.
    All human beings are at different stages of development and have different capacities for perception. Some, without being too gullible, are nevertheless ready to accept as the truth everything that can happen in our world. And even though many of them are not adapted to the existing pragmatic and vain life, nevertheless, they are well adapted to other changes and accept new progressive ideas. Others, despite their education, culture and academic titles, systematically deny and discard everything that does not correspond to their preliminary opinion.
    Always, for example, there was a theme that could bring us closer to the basis of the universe. It has long been a well-trodden road for many philosophers, physicists and mathematicians who left their milestones in the form of formulas and proofs. But now it is very difficult to break into this research field, because in order to implement the new it is necessary to justify the fallacy of the previous experience (so we have accepted!) and this is very difficult, especially when you know that previous theories and proofs were created by eminent scientists.
    But as many people now understand, the paradox of modern physics is due to the fact that it is based on errors, which are still based on physical theories.
    And so much has already accumulated inconsistencies associated even with such cosmic quantities as matter, energy, field, space and time. And it is precisely because all these concepts were at one time artificially isolated, divided and classified for study in various scientific fields. Moreover, these values are found in hundreds of formulas, in many physical laws and theories, but sometimes even in the symbolic representation is not consistent with each other. And there is no consent, equality, there is no and the most simple the staunch explanations. "Occam's Razor " says: Concepts irreducible to intuitive and experienced knowledge must be removed from science. Something similar was said by Leonardo da Vinci: the True Sciences are those that experience forced to pass through the sensations and imposed silence on the languages of the disputants. Despite the warnings, there is still no synthesis of theories capable of uniting, and most importantly to reconcile scholars continue to break a lance in a narrow field of created their own contradictions. Remove, for example, the concept of "ether" and will collapse the whole basis of theories in physics, namely "most of these works were created with the help of "mental modeling of the state of motion of the ether." ( "Mathematics, of course, will not collapse, it is only a tool in the hands of science, in which the truth, whatever you put all grind).
    I have already met the idea that human logic suffers from a certain stereotyped thinking, when any analysis or solution of a complex issue necessarily leads to omissions and significant omissions. And if it is simpler: that alternative for acceptance of the majority of decisions (instead of "at least "the Golden mean) there are basically two extreme values - Yes, or - no. And created without the help of selective, multiple, discrete logic errors - led, in the end, to what we have, many inconsistencies in the laws themselves, which I believe, have not yet been finally identified and formulated. Therefore, further research into the laws inherent in our world, as well as continued immersion in the formulas, become meaningless - they only add to the differences. Now it is possible to tell definitely that not only in laws it is necessary to look for the answer, and and in those discrepancies which already exist.
    the Conservative scientific world has recently become irritated and this is very noticeable. Their fundamental, fundamental theories and laws are questioned, and increasingly unknown researchers come to the idea of the need to change the attitude to the previous achievements. Meanwhile, it has become not only to scientists that the link between knowledge disappears, and they themselves, including scientific, are a mixture of conflicting ideas and continue to be divided into isolated parts from each other.
    there Are growing gaps not only between natural Sciences and Humanities, but also between individual scientific areas within these fields of knowledge.
    it Becomes clear that the existing contradictions in science itself is the result of accumulated erroneous knowledge created once. And all this building stretches up more than one hundred years, it would not have collapsed at the wrong time - because the Foundation is all in the cracks. It is possible to sort out or even add to existing theories and formulas as long as you want, it will not change anything. It is necessary to find the matching links, and maybe another explanation is able to organize and combine all the accumulated knowledge.
    No, I myself do not claim to know the truth, still lacking, (no one has the right to claim!) and here is another explanation, albeit based only on examples long known to many - I am ready to tell you. There was a sincere thought to destroy this already printed material and forget everything. But, alas, it is impossible to forget, and to RUB a hand did not rise as there is a belief that nevertheless it is necessary to share the thoughts to show that at desire everyone can be engaged in researches, and to come to interesting results, having only time and the monitor before a nose.
    The idea came to me long ago, when I was still on a business trip in Africa. And it was then that strange night sky, from a scattering of bright unfamiliar constellations forced my thoughts to direct to the area of other dimensions and go this strange way of searching. Many years have passed since then, but the topic that I then chose is still relevant and not only has not lost its attractive properties, but on the contrary - is able to continue to generate new ideas. Yes, I am not a scientist, not an expert in the field of theoretical physics, but I know for sure that there is enough of those superficial knowledge (which has almost every civilized person) which give a sufficient idea of what exactly is the turn of science at the moment. And revealed current inconsistencies in the science forced me to turn my eyes to the ancient past, and to seek answers in the time when strong logic was born, and philosophers were held in high esteem. Fortunately there are still books that keeps saying ancient to have survived their thoughts, consciousness, and wisdom. With their help, my idea was transformed into a hypothesis, of course, had to be further reviewed and flipped through dozens of books and articles in order to fill the gaps, but I promise - you are not in danger. And only have to overcome some effort in reading (still chaotic turned pages, but this is only because it is very difficult to collect all the thoughts together and raise such a topic entirely). You will also have to guess that all my material, all these facts known to the majority (which I will give), are not only the links of one chain, connected together by one phenomenon that has always existed in nature, but it is also a different approach that can be used in the development and construction of a time Machine. Surprised?! Yes, it is the introduction of a new source of energy into our technology that will allow us to get rid of primitive ways of moving in space. I not undertake while to judge how obvious will be the fact of transition to another dimension, but moving in space will move to a higher level, as I admit is possible.
    Fantastic you say, all kinds of energies have long been known to all, open, and another way to discover something new simply does not exist. Here in this you can just be wrong because the collective memory, expressed in the laws is not able to capture what is happening in real time. And yet - the change of only one of our concepts, can move the whole thing and lead to the fact that many existing laws, as well as views, will be rethought. The laws themselves, of course, will not change, as well as physical phenomena - their interpretation will change. Don't believe? Well, to engender in your head, doubt continues the story.
    I am sure that this topic is not only occupied by individual laboratories, but perhaps entire institutions, (of course not in the generalized form in which I try to pull it out, but again only in a narrow, research framework) but then, especially this other concept (written not by a specialist) should be of some interest. Everything connected with this hypothesis is literally in the air.

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    The mosaic (Pompeii, Italy) depicts Alexander the great at the battle of Issus, where he defeated the Persian army.


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