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Mystery, unsolved by science :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

Mystery, unsolved by science :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    August 19, 1939 in the city of Piqua (Ohio, USA) the boys were born-twins. One was adopted by the Springer family in Dayton, Ohio. The baby was named James. The second boy was adopted by the Lewis family from Lima, Ohio. By pure coincidence, the Lewis child was also named James. In January 1979, James Lewis began looking for his twin brother. Both brothers met at the age of 39!
    James was identical, i.e. absolutely identical twins they come from one fertilized rossijjskoe eggs was divided between the placenta in the uterus. It is not surprising that such genetic pairs in addition to physical similarities gave striking coincidences.
    each twin's First wife's name was Linda. Then they divorced and both married women named Betty. Lewis named his firstborn James Alan, Springer — Alan James. Both had dogs named Toy. Both worked at gas stations, serving the same company for the production of hamburgers. Their cars were the same brand, they smoked the same cigarettes, liked to drink the same beer, regularly spent their holidays at a resort in Florida. The twins didn't like baseball, but they were interested in car racing and loved working with wood. Both at about the same time gained 4 kg and then lost weight, had a habit of biting nails and experienced a small heart attack. They suffered from hemorrhoids and migraines.
    Thomas Bouchard, Professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, noted the many similarities of the twin brothers and studied the lives of other identical twins, who were separated at the time of birth. The English couple — Bridget Harrison and Do-roti Lowe, were born in 1943 and first met in 1979. Their lives coincided in many ways. For example, Bridget's son was named Andrew Richard, and Dorothy's son — Richard Andrew. In 1962, each of them kept a diary, and it lasted only one year, and records were in the same color and type notebooks. The days marked and missed are exactly the same.
    Professor Bouchard investigated the resistance of genetic inheritance to environmental factors. The results of his work and other examples of coincidences, such as the synchronous sensation of pain at a great distance, and sometimes even cases of simultaneous death, make it possible to assume that between identical twins remain spiritual connections.

    Separated at birth twins James Springer (left) and James Lewis reunited 39 years later.

    Separated at birth twins James Springer (left) and James Lewis reunited 39 years later.

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    The mosaic (Pompeii, Italy) depicts Alexander the great at the battle of Issus, where he defeated the Persian army.


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