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Mystery, unsolved by science :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

Mystery, unsolved by science :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    Nine-year-old eril may Jones from the village of Aberfan (Wales) told his mother a dream: "I went to school, and it is not. Something black came right down on the school." It happened on October 20, 1966. The next day a heavy rain turned half a million tons of waste from coal mines located above the village into a giant landslide. He went to Aberfan, burying a local school. Eril died along with 115 other children and 28 adults.
    Half an hour before the landslide, an airport employee, located 320 km from Aberfan, was visited by a vision — a moving black mountain and children buried under it. Five hours before the tragedy, a resident of London woke up from a nightmare: a child is running, and a huge black mountain is approaching him. Another woman from London told her friends a week before the accident that she had seen a terrible dream about the disaster in the "valley, where there was a large building full of children. Mountains of coal and water broke down and buried the building. The cries of the children were so shrill that I screamed myself." Through the London newspaper "evening standard" psychiatrist j.. K. Barker organized the collection of information about the premonitions associated with Aberfan. Of the 60 who responded, 22 reported their visions to at least one person.
    a trend has Emerged: predictions relate to tragedies burdened with significant human losses, enormous suffering, often associated with the death of children. The more tragic the event, the greater the likelihood that it was preceded by some precise premonition. Such "pictures" are too common, and therefore they cannot be used for real warning.

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    The mosaic (Pompeii, Italy) depicts Alexander the great at the battle of Issus, where he defeated the Persian army.


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