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The amazing history of the ancient :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

The amazing history of the ancient :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    Alexander the great had the gift of prophetic dreams, which helped him to achieve remarkable success.
    Alexander saw His most famous dream at the age of 24. Then, in 332 BC, he began the siege of the Phoenician city of tyre, in the South of modern Lebanon. He dreamed that he had caught a Satyr dancing on a shield. The wise man interpreted the dream as follows:"tyre will be yours." However, the siege lasted seven months. The second time he dreamed that the mythical hero Hercules calls him from the walls of tyre. The next day the city gave up.
    In one of the many battles, Alexander's friend Ptolemy was wounded by a poisoned arrow. One night, sitting by his friend's bed, the exhausted warlord fell asleep and dreamed of a fish that showed him where to find a plant whose roots would help heal Ptolemy. Finding the right plant, he healed him.
    having Conquered Egypt in 331 BC, Alexander decided to build a large city and call it Alexandria. In his dream he saw a sage reciting the lines of Homer in which Pharos was mentioned.
    Alexander went there. He liked the area very much. Without chalk, the Macedonians laid out a site for the future of the city with barley flour. To Alexander's great horror, she was immediately pecked by birds. He decided that this was a bad sign, but the prophet said that Alexander would become the guardian and breadwinner of great people. Both were right. Alexandria library was considered the richest in the ancient world, it existed for several centuries, but during the Arab conquest it was completely destroyed.

    The mosaic (Pompeii, Italy) depicts Alexander the great at the battle of Issus, where he defeated the Persian army.

    The mosaic (Pompeii, Italy) depicts Alexander the great at the battle of Issus, where he defeated the Persian army.

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    According to legend, since 1414 the death of each Bishop, Salisbury was marked by the appearance of mysterious white birds.


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