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The great mysteries of the middle Ages :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

The great mysteries of the middle Ages :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious


    112 POPES

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    Some historians argue that the Irish Saint Malachi, born in 1094, left no works, and attributed to him "the Prophecy of the popes" — nothing more than a fake, composed in the XVI century. Others believe that Malachi really created this famous work with the description of 112 popes — from Celestine II to the last, which will end the Institute of the papacy.
    In 1139 Malachy went to Rome to visit Pope innocent II. Then he stayed in the French city of Clare-Vaux, where he wrote his prophecies. Several centuries later this manuscript was discovered in the Vatican library by the Benedictine monk Arnold de Villon.
    "the Prophecy of the popes" consists of a series of amazingly accurate portraits of popes in the form of very short, but capacious "mottos" of two or three Latin words. For example, his motto for the 101st Pope — Litep t soeo (heavenly Light) — is very suitable for Leo XIII, whose family coat of arms depicts a comet. Similarly, Rastor et pauta (Pastor and sailor) is an accurate description of John XXIII, who before his election as Pope was the Patriarch (pastor) of the port city of Venice and his honorary pilot. De tedietate 1pae, which means "In the phase of the second quarter of the moon", is an apt definition of the 34-day reign of Pope John Paul I in 1978. At this time there were two full moons, and the death of the Pontiff came during the second quarter of the moon. Lаbоге de solis (From the labor of the Sun) — the motto coined for Malachy the present Pope John Paul II was born during a total solar Eclipse.
    the Next Pope is called De G1oria Oliva (Glory of the olive) — the olive tree is a symbol of Judaism and peace. After him will come the last Pope Реtrus Rотапus (Peter the Roman) — Peter II. This prophecy ends with ominous words:
    "the City on the hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge the Nations."

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    In the middle ages, those who were engaged in magic, alchemy and occultism, used a cipher and different symbols to keep their secrets from prying eyes. The picture of the XVIII century the symbols of the Sun, moon, and planets United together, which represented the integrity of all


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