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Visions and spirits in the age of reason :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

Visions and spirits in the age of reason :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    The stories were few such notable occultists as count Alexander Cagliostro. He was born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1743; his real name is Giuseppe Balsamo. He began his career as a medium. Because of accusations of fraud Giuseppe Balsamo was forced to leave Sicily. He went to travel on Egypt, Malta and Asia, where studied occult science. Back in Italy, 25-year-old Kaliostro married 14-year-old Lorenza Feliciani. They went on a trip to Europe, where they demonstrated the wonders of magic, alchemy, healing, predicted the fate, communicated with the spirits. Especially strengthened his reputation as a medium after he created a complex occult system called "Egyptian Freemasonry."
    In 1785 he was accused of complicity in the theft of a diamond necklace. After the acquittal, he went to England, where he correctly predicted the beginning of the French revolution. One of the French Newspapers responded with revealing material about the imaginary count. Depressed, he left for Rome, but soon came into conflict with the Church. In April 1791, the count and his wife were accused of heresy, and four years later he died in a prison cell.

    Count Alexander de Cagliostro.

    Count Alexander de Cagliostro.

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    According to legend, after the death of Drake drum Admiral himself began to sound the alarm in times of misfortune.


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