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    The major religions of the world depict hell and Paradise in different ways. The differences relate not only to their location, description and purpose, but also to their size. Ideas about Paradise are more abstract, while hell is drawn in all details.
    In Hinduism and Buddhism it is spoken about seven heavens — a place of temporary stay of the person in a cycle of a new birth. According to Judaism, Adam restored Paradise to the earth, and the ancient Greeks placed it underground. In later times, Paradise moved to heaven. The Christian concept of Paradise was inspired by the views of the ancient Jews and Greeks, and for a long time wandered between some ideal material world and a spiritual Kingdom, free from earthly cares.
    Of the major religions, only Islam offers its followers heavenly gardens with food, wine and sensual pleasures. The souls of unworthy Muslims who try to cross the bridge to Paradise go to hell. But there is nothing in the Qur'an about the eternity of hell.
    the place of eternal punishment is not specifically mentioned In the Jewish Holy books, but 2,000 years ago the religious tradition began to mention Gehenna, where the skin was torn off, burned or drowned in human excrement of sinners. At the beginning of the XVIII century philosophers began to argue that such a view is incompatible with the idea of a merciful God.
    The Christian attitude to hell is based on the Jewish concept. The New Testament briefly mentions "Hellfire" or "weeping and gnashing of teeth", but artists and writers have tried to make the terrible details overgrown with flesh.
    there are many hellish places In Eastern religions. The Hindus believe that the soul must go to hell for purification before reincarnation. Tibetan Buddhists talk about eight Hells, and in classical Buddhism there are only seven. However, a record number belongs to Jainism — the Indian ascetic religion, which has 8.4 million hellish places.

    The devils are pulling sinners off the bridge between heaven and hell.

    The devils are pulling sinners off the bridge between heaven and hell.

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    During the witch hunt, it was believed that witches are able to turn into wolves. The belief in werewolves persisted for a long time, some have told yourself that have the gift of reincarnation, and even admitted that he committed murder in the guise of a wolf.


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