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Time of demons, witches and ghosts :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

Time of demons, witches and ghosts :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    The last time Drake's drum was beaten must have been in 1596, when one of Elizabeth I's prominent naval commanders was buried at sea near the port of Portobello, Panama. They say, however, that later a few times I heard it roll. Along with sword and Bible of Admiral the drum is handed to the widow Drake. It still hangs in the great hall of Buckland Abbey in Devonshire, where sir Francis lived.
    the Drum was certainly shown to visitors of the house in the XVIII century and it is believed that the associated legend may have been invented for their entertainment. It was said that the drum had been heard before the battle of Trafalgar and that Drake had risen from the dead to Lord Nelson.the Legend of the drum formed the basis of Henry Newbolt's poem "Drake's Drum", first published in "St. James's Gazette" in 1895. Dying, Francis Drake ordered to send his drum in Devonshire and promised that if it hit at the hour when England will be in danger, he, Drake, like king Arthur, will return and stand up for the homeland.
    the Poem by Newbolt was used to raise the Patriotic mood in 1916, during the First world war. Remembered about him and in world war II, again printed in August 1940 in both cases, the publications were followed by reports that Drake's drum gave a voice. At the beginning of the war in 1914 rumors of mysterious drumming sounds swept through the Western counties, and in 1918 officers aboard the flagship Royal oak heard Drake's drum when the German fleet was defeated near the Orkney Islands. It was said that the sound of Drake's drum was heard during the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk in June 1940, and in September 1940 two army officers heard it on the coast of Hampshire.
    However, there is no record of anyone trying to summon Drake by hitting his drum. When soldiers or sailors heard his shot, he beat himself in an hour of General danger.

    According to legend, after the death of Drake drum Admiral himself began to sound the alarm in times of misfortune.

    According to legend, after the death of Drake drum Admiral himself began to sound the alarm in times of misfortune.

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    According to legend, since 1414 the death of each Bishop, Salisbury was marked by the appearance of mysterious white birds.


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