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Time of demons, witches and ghosts :: Portal of mysterious
Альманах непознанного

Time of demons, witches and ghosts :: Portal of mysterious

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Portal of mysterious



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    Hope diamond (hope) came to Europe from India and is known for bringing misfortune. Originally it weighed 112.5 carats and was one of the world's largest gemstones, but despite its name, it often brought misfortune rather than hope to its owners.
    the Diamond was once in the forehead of the statue of the Indian deity. The priest who stole the stone died under torture. In 1642, the French merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier bought this huge diamond and brought it to Europe, where in 1668 he sold it to king Louis XIV. The court jeweler cut the stone so that it weighed a little more than 67 carats. Louis XIV met death a broken man, his Empire lay in ruins. The fate of his successors, who inherited the diamond, was even worse. The Princess de Lamballe was beaten to death by a street mob, and king Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette died on the guillotine. As for Tavernier, he returned to India, hoping to get rich again to pay off his son's gambling debts, and was killed by a pack of wild dogs.
    In September 1792, when France was seized by the whirlwind of the revolution, the diamond was gone. At the beginning of the next century, he was at the English king George IV, who died in 1830, leaving huge debts, partly they were able to pay through the sale of the stone.
    By the 30s of the last century, the diamond after the alterations weighed 45.52 carats and belonged to the London banker Henry Hope, who gave the stone a name. Over time, the ill-fated diamond passed to his nephew's grandson, Lord Francis Hope. But this owner was not lucky, he went bankrupt and sold the stone in 1902, shortly after a random shot was wounded and his leg was amputated.
    American magnate Edward Beale MA-Klin bought a hopelessly unhappy diamond "Hope" in 1912, according to some reports, for 180 000 dollars. A short time later, McLean's mother and two of his servants died. Later, his 9-year-old son died under the wheels of a car, his daughter died of an overdose of sleeping pills, he divorced his wife and ended his life in a madhouse.
    American jeweler Harry Winston bought the ill-fated stone from McLean's executors and in 1958 presented it to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Today, the diamond "hope" the size of a walnut, evaluated together with the jeweled necklace at $ 100 million, is kept in a special safe and, apparently, can not to hurt anyone.

    The ill-fated hope diamond is safely stored at the Smithsonian in Washington.

    The ill-fated hope diamond is safely stored at the Smithsonian in Washington.

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